What’s Behind the Apocalypse?

Between TV programs, there is a commercial break. There, I can see many funny and novel commercials, but this time I needed something with more. After a long time of research, I finally found out the commercial by Mophie. It was just what I wanted! As you see this commercial, you will be able to know that each scenes and characters is described in a humorous and thought-provoking way. (Good!) Behind the obvious message, there were some implied advices and values within a theme, apocalypse.

The commercial by Mophie starts from 3:44.

I’ve said that I needed a commercial that involves something more. Can you guess why? It was because I was looking for a commercial to analyze deeply for this post!

So, from now on, we will observe the commercial how it attracted me (and probably you) and what kind of messages it may imply.



How Does It Attract Us?

Humor, Definitely Attractive!


(Image: Deviant Art)

Because humor is the key to make a favorable impression regardless of age and gender, humor functioned as one of the most important factors. Throughout the commercial, we are caught up in an uncomfortable atmosphere because of impossibly disastrous events. However, as it incorporates with humor, a very contrast to fear, the commercial gives a dramatic reverse of emotions and make us to laugh unexpectedly. For instance, the man who got hit by the fast car immediately wakes up indifferently, and a god who should be holy and omniscient says, “Gosh!”


An interesting theme, Apocalypse!


(Image: Jan Wellmann)

It is significant that the commercial is about the apocalypse because this particular theme makes the commercial more unique and engaging. As the commercial features an eccentric world, we can observe unusual and unexpected scenes that are novel. Still paradoxically, as the apocalypse is a popular theme in pop culture, the commercial further gives us an opportunity to actively infer what each particular scenes means and what to expect from the following scenes.



But more than that, there is a chance that each scene does not only provoke a smile but also imply how the director thinks and wants to tell us. There may be something behind the ridiculous scenes that might be satire.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Animals


(Image: Pinterest)

We can observe implied warnings in some scenes where animals appear. There are particularly two scenes that emphasize animals: There is one scene related with a symbolical image from ‘Town musicians of Bremen’, and there is another scene where a dog walks upright with a human, who crawls about on all fours. You should notice that the ‘Town musicians of Bremen’ is about intelligent animals that occupy the house of thieves and the dog with the man implies a collapse of humanity and an emergence of new power. As they both are about the change of power and revenge towards people, these may be a unspoken warning towards scientific technology and people’s infinite greediness.

To be specific, the world became out of order because there was no more battery on the god’s phone. The god, who created the world, was too reliable to this enchanting scientific technology! Therefore, we can interpret that the reversed role between the people and the animals are about the revenge of nature after human technology collapsed. After the Industrial Revolution, the nature was ignored and cruelly entreated because of people’s eagerness for the rapid thus merciless technological development. Therefore, the animals may be giving both an advice and warning not to be too reliant to the technology but to take care of the nature.


Behind the God


(Image: Software Focus)

First of all, we know that the description of the god let the commercial end humorously but ambiguously. In the last scene, a man says, “Gosh, darn it.” Then there is a copy, “WHEN YOUR PHONE DIES, GOD KNOWS WHAT CAN HAPPEN.” It is definitely comical. However, we notice that it is difficult to define how technology, god, and the world influenced each other. This ambiguous scene may mean that the apocalypse is a video clip from god’s phone, that god could not take care of the world because he is too dependent on technology, or that the death of everyone’s phone, including god’s phone, makes each person feel as if his or her world is dying.

But we can certainly know that this commercial disparages religion. Although it approves the god and his influence, the commercial diminishes religion’s importance to the world. In the commercial, the god is overly dependent on the scientific technology that when the technology is blacked out, so does his creation is blacked out. The commercial involves the concept, ‘a god above the world and the science above the god’.



After we discovered how humor and apocalypse attracts the audience, we then figured out something that followed after the obvious.  No matter if the director meant it or not, the commercial showed how people -the directors in this case- see the world and what they want to say.

It is really interesting and also a bit scary… Right?





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